Amazing work by @journeymansigns never fails to impress ,head over to his page to check out more of this talented work!!

" window, fascia & swing sign completed in signwriter’s enamel and gold leaf. There’s a lot to say about this job but I’ll keep it brief. Jake (@galleontattoo) & Vy have been friends of mine for little over 10 years now and it has been a pleasure to help contribute to their new place.
It also happens to be another collaborative effort with @tyronestoddart which is always great. Ty designed their logo originally and I tweaked a couple of bits in order to turn it into this. Hand painted using @1shotpaints and gilded with @wrightsoflymm gold leaf. Seems I’ve laid quite a lot of gold leaf on Easter Road in recent years. Let’s hope there’s more to come.

gold leaf gold leaf