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  1. We just love seeing such amazing products using our products

    We just love seeing such amazing products using our products
    We just love seeing such amazing products using our products....especially when they turn out like this !!!! In the words of @madebymurphy1 her masterpiece -- “Libby” Libby is here to make a statement. There’s absolutely no denying her bold colour and punchy geometric design. She’s been transformed from an unwanted cabinet to desirable and funky cocktail bar. The colour is...
  2. Amazing ‘Auri’ Pieces by Anthony Scala

    Amazing ‘Auri’ Pieces by Anthony Scala
    These amazing pieces are called ‘Auri’ (pronounced or-eye) were finished with precious metal leaf by the talented Anthony Scala. Each sphere contains a different precious metal leaf and they range in size from smaller than a ping pong ball, to large than a bowling ball! The overall effect is a gentle gradation of colour through the lighter lemon golds, through...
  3. Loyal Customers of Wrights of Lymm

    Loyal Customers of Wrights of Lymm
    Wrights of Lymm has been a household name amongst the signwriting trade for many years, and we've seen customers coming to us as young apprentices and returning year after year as they become such talented traditional signwriters for all their gold leaf, paints, brushes etc. This photo shows the loyalty we are so proud of with our customers with his...
  4. The Charterhouse, London

    The Charterhouse, London
      This room known as the Chamber Room was created in the 1540s as part of a palatial mansion built from the ruins of a Carthusian monastery. It was embellished around 1570 by the Duke of Norfolk, who inserted a grand fireplace and a lavishly decorated ceiling. The Great Chamber was intended as a room of splendour and prestige. Elizabeth...
  5. ‘Siege’, Incense Burnt Kozuke Paper and Gold Leaf

    ‘Siege’, Incense Burnt Kozuke Paper and Gold Leaf
    ‘Siege’, incense burnt kozuke paper and gold leaf, 76 x 76 cm . Looking at live current maps around Antarctic, gilding Antarctica in gold and burning the contours of currents around it, and “The New Gold Cyclone” consisting of 6 layers of burnt gilded kozuke paper, 60 x 80 x 18 cm. The most fantastic and unusual work of one...
  6. Sarah B Eggen, Oslow

    Sarah B Eggen, Oslow
      We have been supplying Sarah with Gold Leaf and gilding products for some time now and seen many beautiful pieces of work that she has created. We wanted to share this with you. Formally designed by Christopher Borch (1817-1896) for the Parliament House in Oslo, Norway, this coat of arms has been recreated and beautifully gilded by Sarah using...

    Wrights have been going since 1840 and it was a delight to see one of our good friend Scott Telfer posting this photo and video of some of Wrights memorabilia that he had come across from a lady whose Grandfather had been a keen painter and signwriter.  The brush and Gold leaf booklet is way before our time but so...
  8. Jo Green's Amazing Work

    Jo Green's Amazing Work
    Its always a pleasure seeing work in progress and then the finished piece of some of the most talented gilders, artists, signwriters etc that we have the pleasure in supplying..  When looking through Instagram, I came across some work done by one of Wrights many long standing customers Jo Green, of these incredible urns that are part of a pier...

    Saul Hay Gallery's first ever show dedicated solely to sculpture includes work by some of the most acclaimed artists working in the UK today. ​ The exhibition will showcase the huge variety in style, material and technique in contemporary sculpture and among the artists showing will be the acclaimed ceramicist Halima Cassell following her highly successful solo show at Manchester...
  10. Peter Anthony Mahl Stick Mark 2!!

    Peter Anthony Mahl Stick Mark 2!!
    We are pleased to be stocking the new “Mark 2” designs of the Peter Anthony Mahl Stick, as pictured below.  We do have some of the Mark 1 mahl sticks in stock but its very limited and they are running out fast !!  

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