Metallic Paints

Metallic Paints

We offer a selection of metallic paints in oil based and water based. Oil based can be used for interior and exterior but the waterbased paints are for interior use only. The range we offer are as follows :

POLYVINE ACRYLIC METALLIC PAINT - This is a metallic paint for walls and furniture and if for interior use only. It dries to a metallic sheen and the colours are all intermixable and can be used on top of one another. The paint can be used as an ordinary brush on paint or in conjunction with Polyvine Classic Colour, Scumble or Crackle Glaze to create numerous decorative effects. Coverage is approximately 8sqm/litre.

ONE SHOT METALLIC ENAMELS - This an oil based high gloss enamel for interior and exterior use. It can applied on metal, glass, wood, or masonite for fine line lettering work. These enamels have oustanding hiding, durability and fade resistance. Superior flow characteristics assure the virtual absence of brush marks and provide a clean sharp edge.

ROBERSON ACRYLIC METALLIC PAINT - This is an acrylic paint for interior use only and has a rich deep colour. It is ideal for a wide range of applications such as plaster, wood, paper and canvas. The paint will not tarnish and so there is no need to varnish. All colours are intermixable.

LIQUID LEAF - A tarnish resistant paint for use on wood, metal, glass, ceramics, paper mache and cardboard. Flows easily onto a surface without leaving brush marks, can be used for airbrushing (after being thinned with brush bath) and also as an ink. Liquid leaf needs to be sealed with treasure sealer before finishing varnishes or antiquating glazes are applied. Do not apply any waterbased products over the Liquid Leaf as it will tarnish. For interior use only and has a drying time of 1 hour.

ORMOLINE GOLD PAINT - This is a cellulose based gold paint which can be applied on wood, metal, plaster, gesso or paper. These paints will tarnish over time and this can be prolonged by applying Universal Lacquer.

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