We supply a extensive range of stencilling products including the following-

Stencil Brushes - These are made from coarse hog hair and are available in black or white hair in various sizes.

Stencil Card - This is an oiled manilla stencil card that is used for cutting out stencils and is available in various different sized sheets.

Mylar Stencil Film - This is a specialist form of polyester film.  Its features include dielectric strength, chemical resistance, high tensile strength and transparency.  From the stencil artists view point this is a useful material as its transparency allows the artist to view their design work whilst using the mylar.  This material is ideal for use with heat pens.

Heat Pen - This is a 240v stencil cutter.  Specifically designed for use on 200/240v mains only.  The cutter will be sufficiently hot to melt mylar film.  Designs can be placed under a sheet of glass, with the mylar film on top of the glass, if the lines on the design are followed with the hot iron the film easily melts and the stencil is easily and efficiently made.

Stencil Knives - We supply the standard stencil knife with replaceable blades and also a swivel stencil knife which is ideal for creating circles and curves.  We also stock a stencil cutting set that contains a standard knife, swivel knife and replacement blades.

Stencil Cutting Mats - Green "self heating" cutting mats, available in A1, A2, A3 and A4.

3M Spraymount - An aerosol light tacked glue, excellent for sticking down stencils for easy repositioning.

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