We offer a wide range of signwriting low tack tape.

The Edge tape which is a high quality brown low tack tape for fine masking, this stretches to conform to curves and bends and does not allow bleeding or seepage.  This is available in 1.58mm, 3.17mm, 4.76mm, 6.35mm, 9.52mm and 12.7mm widths and are 54.8m in length.

Red Low Tack Tape is a standard quality low tack masking tape and is available in single rolls or boxes.  This is available in 6mm, 9mm, 12mm and 25mm widths and is 60m in length.

Tessa Lining Tape is a high quality low tack tape, and is available in red or white.  This only comes in 6mm width .

Finesse Pinstriping Tape is for fine masking and available in 27 different sizes, allowing repair of just about any pinstripe job with this easy to use tape.  After applying the whole tape, remove the central section to leave a "stencil" of the line required.  Apply your paint before removing the remaining tape to reveal clear sharp lines. This tape is 12.80m in length.

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