We supply an extensive range of varnishes that allow different finishes -

Polyvine Extra Pale Dead Flat & Extra Pale Eggshell Varnish - A unique oil based varnish made with selected resins and oils to achieve an extremely pale colour.  An extremely durable, high quality coating with a satin finish that dries to a stain resistant film. Preserves the natural appearance of the wood.  Dramatically reduces yellowing characteristics compared with Polyurethane Varnishes.

High Build Gloss Varnish - This is an extremely tough hard wearing varnish, and is the clearest varnish we stock.  It has non-yellowing characteristics and is designed for high impact and durability with a magnificent gloss finish.

Polyvine Decorators Acrylic - A revolutionary water based varnish for the protection of a wide range of decorative surfaces - for interior emulsion wallpaper, fabric and plaster work. Available in three finishes - satin, gloss and dead flat.

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