1. Design by Charleys Chalk

    Design by Charleys Chalk
    Great work by @charleys_chalk Be sure to check out their page for more of there talented work!! "A massive congratulations to Jess @pivotpolestudio on opening her new space and a big thank you for having me back to add new signage ✨ Hand painted in @wrightsoflymm own gold paint"
  2. Artwork by Mr Dabski

    Artwork by Mr Dabski
    Great work by @mrdabski never fails to impress! Be sure to check out their page!! "All finished up and framed for @zim_tta , water gilded with @ashandover and @wrightsoflymm 23.5 carat gold leaf and 12 carat white gold , variegated copper leaf and gold border hand painted lines with @1shotpaints and Abalone inserts"
  3. Cakes by Potty Carlo Cakes

    Cakes by Potty Carlo Cakes
    What an amazing cake by @pontycarlocakes never fails to impress with her cakes! Be sure to check out their page!! "wedding set up at @llechwenhall for our lovely niece Rachel and husband Dave. I thoroughly enjoyed making everything and had total free range in the design which was a little bit scary. Tiers of strawberry and champagne, lemon drizzle and chocolate and salted caramel...
  4. ✨APRIL SPECIAL OFFER✨ 20% OFF Starter Kits

    ✨APRIL SPECIAL OFFER✨ 20% OFF Starter Kits
    ✨✨APRIL SPECIAL OFFER✨✨ 20% off all starter kits, enter code KIT20 at checkout! Find the link in our bio to get yours!! starter kits
  5. Kustom Kerb Designs

    Kustom Kerb Designs
    Great work by @kustomkerb_designs be sure to check our their page to see more of their talented work!!   kustom kerb designs
  6. Chelsea by Elegateau Cakes

    Chelsea by Elegateau Cakes
    What an amazing cake made by @elegateaucakes be sure to check out their page!! "I will call this beauty, ‘Chelsea’. A handmade floral creation inspired by the exquisite @boodles Raindance Chelsea diamond pendant design. Finished with edible 24ct gold sheets by @wrightsoflymm and @swarovski crystals for ‘that 'centrepiece, it surely captures the essence of timeless sophistication." Elegateau Cakes
  7. Nagihan Seymour Gold Leaf Bumble Bee

    Nagihan Seymour Gold Leaf Bumble Bee
    Amazing work by @nagihanseymour she never fails too impress, the best of the best!! Be sure to check out her page for more of this talented work!! " Bumblebee 22 ct gold, watercolour and gouache on 300gsm @fabrianoinacquarello watercolour paper. Watercolour: @danielsmitheurope @danielsmithartistsmaterials Gold: @wrightsoflymm"   Nagihan Seymour
  8. The Modern Applications of Gold Leaf in Design

    Gold leaf has a rich history in art and design, and its application in modern design continues to evolve. At Wrights of Lymm, we understand the enduring appeal of gold leaf and its versatility in contemporary design. In this article, we explore the various modern applications of gold leaf in design, showcasing its relevance in today's creative landscape.   Enhancing...
  9. Gold Leaf: A Timeless Elegance for Art, Decor, and Culinary Creations

    In the realm of art, decor, and culinary craftsmanship, gold leaf stands as a symbol of opulence, sophistication, and unrivalled elegance. At Wrights of Lymm, we are passionate about offering the finest gold leaf products that elevate creativity, luxury, and visual grandeur. Our dedication to providing high-quality gold leaf materials and accessories aligns with the timeless allure and versatility of...
  10. ✨WHILST STOCKS LAST !!!✨24ct, 23.5ct and 23ct Loose Leaf

    ✨WHILST STOCKS LAST !!!✨24ct, 23.5ct and 23ct Loose Leaf
    ✨WHILST STOCKS LAST !!!✨ We have 24ct, 23.5ct and 23ct Loose Leaf Seconds available. Full leaves however have splits in the leaf. These won’t stay in stock for long at these incredible discounted prices, so get over to our website now to grab yourself a bargain !! Check out the link in the bio!! gold leaf

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