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In 1840 William Wright commenced gold beating on his own account in the City of London. At this time the majority of the larger towns and cities numbered at least one gold beater among their many craftsmen.

Somewhere around 1870 the business was transferred to premises in 19 Bridge Street, Manchester. Here the work was carried out in a cellar and passers-by were able to watch the activity through a grille in the pavement.

Wrights relocated to Lymm and decided to employ girls and young women to carry out lighter work of cutting, transferring and packing the Gold Leaf, the strenuous gold beating was carried out by men.

A few years after 1914-1918 War, they began to sell various sign writing brushes in addition to gilding accessories and other decorator’s requisites. Wrights of Lymm became a household name in the decorating, signwriting and monumental trades following this diversification of product.

The company passed through many family generations, until the last member Douglas Fleming sold the company to the Stonehouse Family in 1980 which enabled them to expand their business.

The Stonehouse family have been beating gold leaf since 1936, with Eric Stonehouse being the first family member to work at his uncles firm – Smiths the Goldbeaters of Bridge Street, Manchester, both before and after the Second World War. He later worked for Cecil Whileys in Livingston, Scotland, as their Works Manager before returning to Cheshire to form the company C.F.Stonehouse & Sons.

Today the diversity of Wrights of Lymm is vast, specialising in 24 – 6ct gold leaf for Palaces, Cathedrals and Restoration Projects, incorporating Connoisseur Gold with its range of genuine edible gold & silver supplying Michelin Star Restaurants, Distillers, Food Distributors and individuals for home use

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