1. Master The Art

    Master The Art
    Master Gilder Roger Newton and his daughter Kate Elwell) started ‘Master the art’ last summer having converted a disused outbuilding at Leighton into a wonderful new studio.
  2. The amazing work by one of our clients Sarah

    The amazing work by one of our clients Sarah
    The amazing work by one of our clients Sarah. This sideboard was thoroughly cleaned, sanded back and primed with Bin shellac. It was then painted using Frenchic After Midnight and sealed with satin varnish. The square rims were painted using Wright's of Lymm Rich Pale Gold mixed with Posh Chalk infusor. Once the Debona paper was added, the final touch...
  3. What is Gold Size

    Gold size is a form of glue that can be used as an adhesive in order to make sure that the gold leaf adheres correctly to the surface that is to be gilded. We offer a range of different gold sizes that typically fit into two different categories. Water-based size and Oil- based size. Water based size is only suitable...
  4. What products would I need to start gilding?

    If you are new to gilding and have no prior experience or knowledge with gilding we offer a wide range of starter kits for Gold Leaf , Silver Leaf , Imitation Gold leaf , imitation Silver leaf and Copper Leaf. Which contain all of the products that you will need in order to get started with gilding. Including Leaf...
  5. What do you use to apply Gold Leaf?

    There are a number of different tools that can be used to apply gold leaf depending on your preference. We have a range of gilders tips that can be used to apply the gold leaf, we also stock a range of brushes that can be used to apply gold leaf to a surface. Both items can be found in the...
  6. How do you clean gold leaf?

    Gold Leaf can be cleaned using a very soft gilding mop or soft cloth to gently wipe the gold leaf itself. It is important that you do not rub the gold leaf as this can potentially damage it slightly.
  7. What is Imitation Gold Leaf Made from?

    Imitation gold leaf is normally made from a variety of different metals including Brass or Dutch and Zinc.
  8. How Long does gold leaf last?

    If gilded correctly 23ct or above Gold Leaf can last for between 20 – 30 years external unsealed. It is recommended that gold leaf that is 23ct or above is not sealed as most sealers tend to break down over a period of time and typically only last for around 3-5 years.
  9. Does Gold Leaf need to be sealed?

    Genuine Gold Leaf does not tarnish, so it will not need to be sealed , however imitation gold leaf will need to be sealed as over time it will tarnish.
  10. Can I paint over gold leaf?

    Yes with Genuine gold leaf you can paint over gold leaf with acrylic paint, however if you are using imitation gold leaf , then the imitation Gold Leaf must first be sealed before it can be painted over with acrylic paint or any other acrylic products.

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