1. Master The Art

    Master The Art
    Master Gilder Roger Newton and his daughter Kate Elwell) started ‘Master the art’ last summer having converted a disused outbuilding at Leighton into a wonderful new studio.
  2. The amazing work by one of our clients Sarah

    The amazing work by one of our clients Sarah
    The amazing work by one of our clients Sarah. This sideboard was thoroughly cleaned, sanded back and primed with Bin shellac. It was then painted using Frenchic After Midnight and sealed with satin varnish. The square rims were painted using Wright's of Lymm Rich Pale Gold mixed with Posh Chalk infusor. Once the Debona paper was added, the final touch...
  3. Have More Time On Your Hands? Why Not Visit Our Site...

    In the current time we find ourselves in, with plenty of time on our hands, why not try revamping that old picture frame, or sprucing up that piece of furniture that you keep putting off. We offer many different gilding starter kits to add a touch of gold, silver or copper. Visit our website
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