1. Looking for some inspiration for around the home?

    Looking for some inspiration for around the home?
    We have a wide range of gold and imitation leaf in a variety of shades to create wonderful effects on things you can find round your home such as glass jars, shells or even pebbles from your garden. Here are just a few ideas, so give it a see the vast range of leaf we supply visit

    New delivery of all your One Shot Paints and Sundries has now arrived.....we now have all colours back in stock, so whilst in this lockdown we find ourselves in, get your orders in for those signwriting jobs to keep you busy.  If signwriting is something new to you and you want to give it a try then we offer Mel...
  3. Have More Time On Your Hands? Why Not Visit Our Site...

    In the current time we find ourselves in, with plenty of time on our hands, why not try revamping that old picture frame, or sprucing up that piece of furniture that you keep putting off. We offer many different gilding starter kits to add a touch of gold, silver or copper. Visit our website
  4. Wrights of Lymm Supplies Barton Square

    Something to look forward to when this surreal situation we find ourselves in is again !! We have been involved with the decor of one of Manchester's most famous shopping centres, The Trafford Centre since it was very first built in 1998, supplying all of the gold leaf giving it that luxurious finish. Over the last few months we...
  5. Wrights of Lymm Starter Kits – Perfect Christmas Gift

    Wrights of Lymm Starter Kits  – Perfect Christmas Gift
    Wrights of Lymm have a range of Starter kits including Gilding Starter Kits , Narrowboat Starter Kits, and Pinstriping Starter Kits. These starter kits would made a perfect gift this Christmas , all of the gift sets can be found on our website.  
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  7. Gold Leaf Toilet Roll

    Gold Leaf Toilet Roll
    There could be no better waste of wealth than this. The Australian company ‘The Toilet Man’ has produced a toilet paper roll made entirely of 22-carat gold. This weird golden item costs an astonishing $1,376,900. The roll is three ply to provide the most gentle wipe. Each order will be personally delivered with a bottle of champagne. Talking in Dubai, the company...
  8. February Newsletter

    February Newsletter
  9. Now In Stock 9.6ct White Gold Leaf

    Now In Stock 9.6ct White Gold Leaf
    Wrights of Lymm are delighted to now have back in stock 9.6ct White Gold Leaf, in both Loose and Transfer. Both the 9.6ct White Gold Leaf Loose and Transfer can be found on our website , our you can give us a call on 01925 752226
  10. Gold Leaf Slime

    Gold Leaf Slime
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