1. Paint Tech UK Courses

    Paint Tech UK Courses
    Be sure to Head over to @painttechuk for their February courses!! A lot of great information and advice to learn from them!! paint tech uk
  2. Cake Design by Ponty Carlo Cakes

    Cake Design by Ponty Carlo Cakes
    A beautiful cake made by @pontycarlocakes never fails to disappoint!! Beautiful cake hoop by @beourguestevents Wafer paper ruffles made with @saracinodolci wafer paper. Glitter bands made with squares. Cakes covered in @massa_ticino_sugarpaste Open peony made with @squireskitchenflower paste. Gold leaf from @wrightsoflymm   Ponty Carlo Cakes
  3. January Special Offer of 20% Discount

    January Special Offer of 20% Discount
    Last 2 days to take advantage of our January special offer of 20% discount on all our own brand paints and signwriting brushes. Order today at the link in our bio entering the discount code JAN24 at checkout! sale
  4. Gilded House Number by Sneaky Weasel Signs

    Gilded House Number by Sneaky Weasel Signs
    A lovely gilded house number by @sneakyweaselsigns never fails to impress! Be sure to check out their page (on Instagram)!! gilded house number
  5. Cutter And Squidge Edible Gold Flakes

    Cutter And Squidge Edible Gold Flakes
    Brilliantly fudgy with plenty of chocolate made by @cutterandsquidge This cake has rich chocolate sponge topped with dark chocolate buttercream layered with smooth caramel, and is finished with sweet, freeze-dried raspberry pieces and cocoa nibs, sprinkled with our 23ct Edible Gold Flakes. It is also 100% vegan and 100% all natural. What more could you want in a cake!!!
  6. Fairground Art by Mark Gill

    Fairground Art by Mark Gill
    Some wonderful fairground art by @markgillfairgroundart in Sydney using our aluminium leaf. Mark worked with Fred Fowle as a school summer job between 1976 and 1979 to then become a full time apprentice with him until 1983. Mark is now a self-employed showman’s decorator based out in Sydney, Australia.
  7. Matteo Agresti - Imitation Gold Leaf

    Matteo Agresti - Imitation Gold Leaf
    Matteo Agresti, originally from Florence in Italy, moved to London 11 years ago and we have been supplying him with imitation gold leaf to create the most stunning furniture and pictures. A new life and a new elegant dress to Vintage Treasures. @amflorenceuk makes Exclusive Upcycled Vintage pieces and designs Vintage-Inspired statement furniture for your precious Home. Unique Furniture with...
  8. How to Incorporate Gold Leaf into Your Interior Design

    Gold leaf is a luxurious and timeless material that has been used in interior design for centuries. Its shimmering and elegant appearance instantly adds a touch of opulence to any space. Whether you want to create a focal point on your walls, transform your furniture, or enhance your accessories, incorporating gold leaf into your interior design can elevate your décor...
  9. Unveiling the Gold Leaf Trends of 2024

    Gold has long been associated with beauty, wealth, and luxury. Its captivating allure has captured the hearts of artists, architects, and designers throughout history. One of the most enchanting forms of gold is gold leaf, which is created by hammering gold into thin, delicate sheets. These luminous sheets are then used in various artistic and decorative applications, adding a touch...
  10. Gilded Elegance: A Thousand Years of Gold Leaf History

    Gold leaf, an age-old craft that imparts an aura of luxury and opulence, has a rich and storied history spanning thousands of years. This delicate art form has adorned everything from religious relics to iconic works of art, adding a touch of brilliance and splendour to countless surfaces. This article explores the fascinating history of gold leaf, from its ancient...

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