1 shot paint is a kind of paint that you can use to enamel products and do your own writing on.
The 1 shot paints are oil based and high gloss enamel for use inside and also outside on all kinds of metals, wood and also glass. They have been the benchmark for lettering enamel for more than 50 years. The paints have excellent flow characteristics, single stroke coverage and vibrant durability. These types of paints are favorites of pinstripers and also sign painters.

1 Shot enamel paint is one of the best for lettering. It is available in all different kind of colours and also available in metallic colours as well as black, white and yellow, this paint can be used as the base for a gilded letters  or as a standard coloured letters on signs.

1 Shot Paint

The paints can be used as lettering enamel, The 1 Shot Fluorescent Colours are translucent, oil based paints that will provide the customer dazzling and colour clarity. They are fast drying on a flat finish. The Fluorescent Colours are best applied when using spray or a roller on a white primer coat or even a base coat.

1 Shot Fast Dry Gold Size is the perfect choice for the surface gilding applications. Usually when reaching its gilding tack in under 1 hour of even less. It can take upto 3 hours for a brilliant and consistent gild every time it is placed on.
Poster Colours are alkyd resin oil based print suitable for show card writing and paper signs. Interior murals, displays and set decorations. 1 Shot Art and Sign Poster Colours provide you with superior and single stroke coverage. This also enables excellent flow and characteristics when dry.

One Shot Paint

1 Shot Pearlescent Colours are oil-based high gloss enamels for interior and exterior use on metal, glass, wood, masonite, fibreglass and enamel receptive vinyl. With the brilliant, sparkling lustre, even when under high intensity lights or sunlight, 1 Shot Pearlescent Colours are very suited for vehicle graphics, displays and signs and whenever additional dazzle is desired for that project. Due to their translucent nature, 1 Shot Pearlescent Colours are best applied over a solid base of the same colour.

1 shot paints bring out many new different colours to allow the customer the colours that they want.

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236ml Metallic Silver
Price: £10.85 - ( Inc VAT: £13.02 )
236ml Metallic Gold
Price: £18.40 - ( Inc VAT: £22.08 )
236ml Metallic Brass
Price: £18.40 - ( Inc VAT: £22.08 )
236ml Metallic Copper
Price: £18.40 - ( Inc VAT: £22.08 )
118ml Metallic Silver
Price: £7.30 - ( Inc VAT: £8.76 )
118ml Metallic Gold
Price: £15.50 - ( Inc VAT: £18.60 )
118ml Metallic Brass
Price: £15.50 - ( Inc VAT: £18.60 )
118ml Metallic Copper
Price: £15.50 - ( Inc VAT: £18.60 )

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