Variegated leaf are leaf / loose leaf and transfer leaf that feature at least more than one colour, they are good alternatives to the usual gold and silver leaf. Yellow, cream, green and white are the most common colors found on variegated leafs, but many others are possible. The additional color may be focused around the leaf's edge or appear in veins, spots, stripes or patches on the leaf. In most cases, the areas of color are irregular or uneven in shape. Variegated leaves indicate an absence of chlorophyll.

At Wrights of Lymm we stock a variety of variegated leaf transfers that can be used for gilding. Our imitation leaf and variegated leaf are provided at very competitive prices and come in a range of colour combinations such as blue / green, red and more.

Variegated leafs are a great alternative to gold or silver leaf when gilding. These provide more funky and contemporary look, where gold provides a traditional gilding look and silver sometime a more futuristic look. Variegated leafs not only cheaper gives a much more varied look.

Wrights of Lymm have a fantastic selection of different variegated leaf. Depending on your needs will depend just which variegated leaf you will need. For classic contemporary looks then you will be interested in our gold leaf. For a more modern, clean and futuristic feel then our silver leaf will be the choice for you. But for a different approach and to suit a whole range of different colour schemes we have variegated leaf that comes in a whole range of different colours and styles.

Variegated Leaf is a great alternative to gold or silver leaf, it offers more choice depending on your use and it is also so much cheaper then gold or silver. The variegated leaf available at Wrights of Lymm is off the highest standard and our successful business means we are able to provide leaf at a much cheaper cost that our rivals simply can’t match.

Wrights of Lymm have over 50 years of solid leaf beating experience. With our great range of different services that include gold, silver and variegated leaf, contacts to experienced gilders and specialist decorating equipment to name just a few means we can offer our customers something that our rivals simply can’t.

Our Variegated leaf is very affordable and is a great alternative to gold and silver leaf, as this leaf can be very expensive a great alternative is variegated leaf as it means customers on a budget can still purchase a great quality leaf, it also means we offer an alternative to traditional leaf and is great for applying to items that don’t suit a silver or gold finish.

Visit Wrights of Lymm and with our great stock and great customer relations we are sure we can offer you a great price on our great selection of items. If you have any questions regarding variegated leaf or any other off our products then please do contact us and we will be happy to help

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