We at Wrights of Lymm Ltd have been one of the leading suppliers of extremely high quality gold leaf in the UK for well over 170 years. Our wide ranges of gold leaf include 24 ct – 12ct, imitation metal leaf and many other gilding materials and accessories.

We believe in competitive pricing of our superb products, our great quality and high standards of customer service ensures our customers carry on returning to us for all their gilding and artist product needs.


We don’t just stock vast ranges of gold leaf and gilding materials, we also supply an extensive range of soft hair brush models that are utilized for many methods of artistry for example, applying gilding materials that require a delicate touch.

Here at Wrights of Lymm (Stone Houses) we have a wonderful selection of soft hair brush products available for your gilding and painting applications.

Our finest soft hair brush models are of the luxurious quality. These soft hair brush models are suited for art application with painting, poster, plaka, gouache, silk painting, and watercolour and most other fluid and delicate powder/film applications. The fine points on these wonderful soft hair brushes allow for an extremely gentle touch to be applied via the long quill bound handle. 

 These brushes are so soft and delicate that they can and are often used for certain applications such as theft detection and fingerprint dusting, they are so delicate to the touch that applying powders and thin films of metal or gold leaf requires only the gentlest of brushes for application.

Our soft hair brush models include standard and professional ranges of varying materials. We have squirrel hair brushes utilized for gilding as these brushes can be used for lifting and applying gold leaf to a required surface such as picture gilding and framing.

They can also be easily used on materials such as glass gilding work as they are composed of only the most delicate and soft materials we can offer. We offer soft hair mops made from synthetic materials, but still great quality and useful for all the applications of a squirrel brush. The soft hair brush made from pony hair is high quality and excellent for watercolour applications due to its absorbent and delicate nature.

The standardised oval shapes of the soft hair brush models we offer provide a delicate working tip and generous surface area great for applying the varying applications of a soft hair brush.  The softness of these soft hair brush models are also extensively useful in watercolour applications as the tips are so soft they absorb and hold a large amount of watercolour paint and this is aided by the fatter shape of these soft hair brush models.

For any and all enquiries regarding our soft hair brush models please feel free to contact us via telephone or email. You may also utilize our provided general enquiry mail form. We look forward to hearing from you with any and all question you have.

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Size 02 Soft Hair Mop
Price: £5.45 - ( Inc VAT: £6.54 )
Size 04 Soft Hair Mop
Price: £6.95 - ( Inc VAT: £8.34 )
Size 06 Soft Hair Mop
Price: £8.25 - ( Inc VAT: £9.90 )
Size 08 Soft Hair Mop
Price: £10.95 - ( Inc VAT: £13.14 )
Size 10 Soft Hair Mop
Price: £13.95 - ( Inc VAT: £16.74 )
Size 12 Soft Hair Mop
Price: £19.95 - ( Inc VAT: £23.94 )
Size 14 Soft Hair Mop
Price: £22.95 - ( Inc VAT: £27.54 )
Size 16 Soft Hair Mop
Price: £26.95 - ( Inc VAT: £32.34 )

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