Genuine Silver Leaf on a Roll

Our genuine silver rolls are supplied in a continuous sheet on tissue paper. This product is especially suited for gilding surfaces or surfaces that are generally even. The length of the rolls is 50m. We supply silver leaf on rolls in a variety of widths from 12mm to 25mm and 50mm in length. Silver leaf on rolls is an excellent gilding material and can add great effects to anything being gilded.

Imitation Silver Leaf on a Roll

Wrights of Lymm also stocks a range of imitation silver leaf on a roll. Imitation silver on a roll are great for both beginners and experienced gilders. Beginners can use imitation leaf to practice without worrying about the price if they commit an error. Due to the price of imitation silver leaf it becomes a very viable way to improve ones skill in gilding.

Imitation silver leaf on roll is also useful for experienced gilders too, due to the price it can be used to cover large areas to get the same result as genuine silver leaf but at the fraction of the price. Our imitation silver leaf available on rolls comes in a range of widths from 1cm to 15cm and at 50 meters in length.

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Silver Leaf Rolls - 6mm wide
Price: £7.45 - ( Inc VAT: £8.94 )
Silver Leaf Roll - 12mm wide
Price: £15.25 - ( Inc VAT: £18.30 )
Silver Leaf Roll - 19mm wide
Price: £25.45 - ( Inc VAT: £30.54 )
Silver Leaf Roll - 25mm wide
Price: £35.95 - ( Inc VAT: £43.14 )

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