Schlag Metal is a cheaper and cost affective Leaf. It is very much cheaper than the genuine Silver and Gold Leaf that you can also buy. On eyes view the Schlag Metal is of same quality of the Gold and Silver counterparts. The Schlag Metal will be used when the piece of work that is being done is of less value.

What is Schlag Metal?

Schlag Metal is also known as metal leaf and also composition leaf. It is a thin foil that is used for many different decoration purposes. The leaf can come in many different shades of colour and also different sizes. Some types of the Schlag metal can look exactly like the expensive gold leaf but it doesn’t contain any of the real gold you find in the properties.

Schlag metal is usually made of gold which includes many different alloys, silver, copper, aluminium, brass- normally 85% Copper and 15% Zinc and also palladium. On very rare occasions you may find platinum inside the leaf.

The leaf is comparatively thick compared to real gold leaf and very easy to handle. The leafs must be varnished afterwards to avoid tarnishing and to protect it. Acrylic Gold Size is ideal to use with these metal leafs

The leaf comes in a range of different alloys which creates various shades.

No 1 Is a very deep red, composed of an alloy of 10% zinc and 90% copper.

No 2 Is a red/gold colour, composed of an alloy of 12% zinc and 88% copper.

No2 ½ Has a colour similar to that of 22K gold leaf, an alloy composed of 15% zinc and 85% copper.
No 3 Is a yellow colour, composed of an alloy of 18% zinc and 82% copper. 

These alloys when combined, closely resembles the fine appearance of genuine gold metals.

The thickness of the leaf is approximately 0.3 microns.

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