History of Mixol

Mixol is a leading company on the European market for multi-purpose tinting concentrates to be mixed by hand Mixol has been a reliable partner to painters, industry, vocational and master training schools and private users for more than 40 years...

  • 1962 - Founded by Willi Diebold under the name of Mixol-Chemie.
  • 1966 since - The multi-purpose tinting concentrates have been sold under the trade mark of Mixol.
  • 1976 - The company was renamed to Mixol-Producte Diebold GmbH . Horst & Gunter Diebold became managers.
  • 1979 - First phase of construction of a new Mixol manufacturing plant in the industrial area of Kirchheim/Teck.
  • 1991 - The Mixol trade mark has been registered and is protected in 35 countries.
  • 1994 - Second phase of construction and expansion of Mixol manufacturing premises.
  • 1999 - Sandra Diebold became Manager -Finance and Operations of Mixol.
  • 2001 - Felix Hausmann became Manager -Marketing and Sales of Mixol.
  • 2003 - Gunter Diebold retired from Mixol. Still acts as consultant of Mixol.
  • 2005 - Horst Diebold retired from Mixol. Still acts as consultant of Mixol.
  • 2006 - The company celebrated 40 years of Mixol Universal Tinting Concentrates. Sandra Diebold and Felix Hausmann are responsible for Mixol company management now.

Mixol Range of Tinting Concentrates

Mixol multi-purpose tinting concentrates, an absolutely first-class product "Made in Germany" that proved itself for over 40 years.

Mixol is a highly concentrated, binder-free multi-purpose tinting concentrate not a ready paint. It can`t be used in pure form, but it can be added to almost any type of paint and coating materials.

Mixol forms no skin or lumps and cannot dry out.

Mixol is highly resistant to frost and heat.

Mixol can be stored for many years and is thus extremely economical.

Mixol is sold by our representatives all over the world, only. Please choose "Mixol worldwide".

Mixol Metallic-Effect-Concentrate

The new Metallic-Effect-Concentrates are water-based pigment concentrates with a high degree of gold bronze-, aluminium- and pearlescent pigments.

The metallic effect can best be achieved if Mixol Metallic-Concentrates are added to transparent coating systems.

Dependent on the amount added a large variety of gold, silver or copper effects can be archieved, ranging from lightly shimmering glitter to a hiding metal-like surface.

By adding Mixol Tinting Concentrates a number of varying shades can be achieved.


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