Metallic Leaf is a cheaper and cost affective Leaf. It is very much cheaper than the genuine Silver and Gold Leaf that you can also buy. On eyes view the Metallic Leaf is of same quality of the Gold and Silver counterparts. The Metallic Leaf will be used when the piece of work that is being done is of less value.

What is Metallic Leaf?

The Metallic Leaf can also be called Imitation Leaf, because of the quality of this compared to Gold and Silver Leafs.  The Metallic Leaf has been in production for over 5000 years and for many more years to come.
To make the Metallic Leaf the producers will use alloys of Copper and Zinc. To stop the Metallic Leaf from tarnishing you do need to make sure that you varnish it to prevent any of the corroding.

Metallic Leaf can be used for placing on the wall as special wall decorations, frames and most furniture.
The Metallic Leaf has been made more popular through the products being used and advertised on many TV Programs

Metallic Leaf is a lot thicker and durable than the genuine Gold and Silver Leaf. This makes the Metallic Leaf a lot easier to handle and place on products meaning ease of use.

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