Gilders Cushions

Professional Gilders Cushion with Parchment Shield
Standard Gilders Cushion with Card Shield
This is a piece of MDF approximately 9 inches by 6 inches. It is covered with thick blanket and the stretched over this is a soft calf skin leather, this is tacked into position to the four edges of the board. At one end and partly round two sides is a parchment or strong card windshield which is approximately 4 inches high, made to fold flat when not in use. The parchment/card sides when raised shelter the Gold Leaf whilst working, as the slightest draught will lift the Gold from the cushion and it is an almost impossible task to recover the leaf from the floor or anywhere else it may fall, due to the leaf being so thin. On the underside of the cushion is a leather loop for your thumb when holding the cushion. This enables the cushion to be held like a palette when in use. There is also a leather patch to hold a gilders knife.
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