We stock a range of Gold Powder suppliesand can supply gold leaf in booklets or rolls. Our Gold Powders can come in container. We have a range of types such as superior gold, rouge gold, jaune gold powder and more. We also stock gold leaf in different types of gold colours, such as medium deep, white gold, edible gold and transfer leaf. .

What is Gold Powder?

Gold powder is simply gold in container. These powders of gold are usually used for decorations of ornaments and building parts.

On occasions gold powder can be confused with bronz powder, however both products are different. Bronz powder come in different colours and do not contain any real "gold". Gold Powder can comes in 23.5 ct which is almost pure gold. (The pure gold is 24 ct.)

Gold Powders in Art

Gold powder has predominately been most popular and most common in its use as a gilding material for decorations such as status or picture frames.

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1 Gram 23.5ct Superior Gold Powder
Price: £93.95 - ( Inc VAT: £112.74 )
1 Gram 22.9ct Rouge Gold Powder
Price: £93.95 - ( Inc VAT: £112.74 )
1 Gram 1/2 Jaune Gold Powder
Price: £93.95 - ( Inc VAT: £112.74 )
1 Gram 1/2 Citron Gold Powder
Price: £93.95 - ( Inc VAT: £112.74 )
1 Gram 9.6ct Gris Gold Powder
Price: £69.95 - ( Inc VAT: £83.94 )
1 Gram Genuine Silver Powder
Price: £40.45 - ( Inc VAT: £48.54 )

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