A ‘gold leaf’ is a lump of gold that has beaten down into an extremely thin sheet, which are often used in the arts, decoration, ornaments and building parts. Notably, gold leaves are also edible, and we at Stonehouses sell edible leaves here on our website.

Gold leaves have had a massive part in the world of art through the means of gilding, which is where the leaf is layered over a surface. Gilding can be extremely difficult, with traditional water gilding being the most difficult form, and has been done by hand for hundreds and hundreds of years. Gilded gold can be found in a very large number of pieces of art, but are most commonly found in the frames of paintings and decorations for statues - this is especially true for ancient Thai and Buddhist statues, which are regularly found covered in gilded gold leaves.


It is important to note the difference between a ‘gold leaf’ and a ‘metal leaf’. Metal leaves can come in any colour and do not contain any actual gold, where gold leaves come in three types:

  1. 24 carat, which is pure gold.
  2. Yellow gold, which is roughly 92% gold.
  3. White gold, which is approximately 50% gold.

Don’t be fooled by other vendors selling metal leaves as gold – our gold leaves are the real thing, and that’s why Stonehouses have attained the enviable reputation for consistently dealing legitimate, high-grade gold.

No matter what you’re using it for, a gold leaf can add an air of class to anything. You can use them to impress your friends and neighbours, or to create a beautiful piece of art. It’s up to you.

We at Stonehouses recognise the great range of reasons someone may want a gold leaf, and as such we keep an equally great range of different types of leaves in stock for you. We can supply the gold leaf in

booklets or rolls, the booklets coming with 25 sheets of gold leaf. We also have a range of types such as loose leaf, regular leaf, extra thick leaf and several more. Finally, we also stock gold leaf in different types of gold colours, such as medium deep, white gold, edible gold and transfer leaf. Look below to find a few examples of the types of leaf we have in stock.

View our supplies of gold leaf materials »

22.5ct Champagne Superior Loose Gold Leaf

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